Our Story

We believe in people

Asociatia Ateliere Fără Frontiere (AFF) is a Romanian non-profit organization, established in 2008, for the social, professional and civic integration of vulnerable, excluded and marginalized people.

Since 2019, AFF is affiliated to Groupe SOS, a global network working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

We help people who have been "labeled" as "unemployable".

Once they reach the AFF, they are no longer beneficiaries of social aid in a passive and dependent way. We help them to become from excluded and marginalised into independent and dignified humans! From passive beneficiaries, they become active citizens, taxpayers.

To accomplish the mission, we created 4 socio-professional integration workshops – educlick, remesh, bio&co farm and logietic – in which we offer personalised social support services, counselling for integration on the labour market, psychotherapy and pedagogical support for skills training for disadvantaged people.

We reintegrate vulnerable people into the labor market, taking care of the environment.

In the workshops, we carry out the following activities, promoting a circular, solidary and sustainable economy:

educlick is the workshop where we collect, disassemble and prepare for recycling electrical and electronic waste equipment (WEEE), but also where we collect and prepare for reuse computers that we donate to schools in disadvantaged areas in Romania.

In 15 years we have equipped more than 10% of IT laboratories from schools in rural areas in Romania, with over 27,000 computers donated.

We collect any type of WEEE (anything that plugs into the socket), especially IT equipment (old or unused computers, keyboards, screens etc.) from both companies and individuals – so write to us at colectare@ atelierefarafrontiere.ro or pay us a visit with the equipment you no longer need, at 105 Șoseaua Olteniței, Mon-Fri, between 08:00-16:30.

remesh was launched in 2011 and is the workshop where we transform advertising banners and meshes into fashionable, ethical and sustainable products and accessories. Banners and meshes have no recycling solution other than incineration – an extremely harmful process as many advertising materials are made of PVC, which contains chlorine.

In 12 years of activity, we collected and transformed the banners that we recovered into over 77,000 fashion and home&deco products. Tens of thousands of products were sewn by employees in the socio-professional integration program, especially women affected by domestic violence, human trafficking or single mothers.

Companies with over 50 employees who order remesh ethical products are exempted from 1/2 of the disability payment because remesh has the status of Authorized Protected Unit under the name SC ECO Atelierul Social SRL. Write to us at remesh@atelierefarafrontiere.ro and place an ethical order.

bio&co is the social farm of the Ateliere Fără Frontiere association, ecologically certified, where we apply the principles of the European Union strategy „from farm to consumer” or „from farm to fork”.

We deliver baskets of seasonal organic vegetables to over 100 subscribers in short chain (in the Bucharest and Ilfov area) during all 52 weeks of the year. The ecologically certified farm is located not even 30 km from Bucharest, in the village of Ciocănari, Dâmbovița, so the short distance allows us to deliver the vegetables on the same day of harvest.

We believe in better food systems: healthier food, ensuring food security, a fair income for agricultural workers, reducing the environmental footprint.

Write to us at bio-co@atelierafararontiere.ro to subscribe to the vegetable basket and be part of our community of responsible consumers.

logietic is the workshop through which we offer an innovative solution that covers the packaging and logistics needs of companies, while contributing to the labor market integration of vulnerable employees, through the authorized protected unit (UPA).

With an experienced team located in Bucharest, logiEtic is committed to providing efficient and professional services, in a sustainable manner.

Any company with more than 50 employees that places an order with logiEtic, according to law 193/2020, which updates law 448/2006, can replace half of the monthly disability tax, the release states.

Write to us at logietic@atelierefarafrontiere.ro and place an ethical order.

At the same time, we offer them full job necessities  – employment contract and salary, and we organise courses for them to know and have access to their rights, rehabilitate and learn work different work skills. At the end of the socio-professional integration program at Ateliere Fără Frontiere, we support them to get a job in the conventional labor market or in protected forms.

The circular economy workshops are entities without legal personality, the income from economic activities and the funds obtained from subsidies and sponsorships being used exclusively for the activities of the association of general and non-patrimonial interest.

Around the integration activities we created programs, projects and campaigns to:

  • help us fight against exclusion, poverty and discrimination

  • help us fight against waste and pollution

  • help us build solidarity and support local education and development

The principles that guide us are the following:

  • man is at the center of all our activities and projects

  • partnership, sharing of experience and openness to others is the basis of all our actions

  • we integration in everything we do the principles of sustainable development, social equity, equal opportunities, fairer distribution of resources, collective and individual responsibility, social and circular economy

Ateliere Fără Frontiere is part of the Romanian Network of Social Insertion Enterprises (RISE). The purpose of RISE is to promote the social, professional and economic integration of people in difficulty in Romania on the labor market, through the development of social enterprises. RISE campaigns for policies in the field of social and cohesion, economic and environmental that guarantee the full exercise, with respect for human dignity, of access for all to the essential rights regarding employment, education, housing, maintenance, culture and well-being, including excluded people and marginalized.