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Remesh is a socialware brand of unique products resulted from the upcycling of advertising banners.

Applying the concept of “second life” to the advertising materials, Ateliere Fara Frontiere transforms used banners and meshes, after the advertising campaigns end, into ethical fashion products: bags, document folders, wallets, pencil cases and deco objects – poufs, storage boxes and aprons.

Do you want to get rid of the advertising banners in a smart way?

Before remesh project started, there was  no solution for recycling the advertising waste.

Now, instead of throwing this kind of waste to the trash, you can get rid of it in a much smarter way, namely through reusing it. We prolong the useful life of the advertising banners, we avoid their cumulation into waste and offer to companies and advertisers a recycling solution and also an alternative of responsbile advertising.

The agencies and companies that use advertising meshes may be the beneficiaries of these products that can be customized and used as responsible promotional materals for customers, employees, partners, etc.

Do you want to buy useful and aesthetic products with social and environmental impact?

For details and prices, please contact us by phone at 0740.025.540 or by e-mail at

We had a lot of responsible clients from 2012 to present, including DACIA, GDF Suez, The French Embassy in Romania, Veolia, Pelicam, Cassiopeea, Orange, HBO, UNITER, GfK, ANPCDEFP, HR Club, BRD, Carrefour, Idea Bank and UP Romania.

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